ASEZ WAO Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteers—East Coast Park Clean-Up

June 19, 2019
The 5732nd Worldwide Cleanup Campaign - ASEZ WAO Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteers—East Coast Park Clean-Up

On May 19, 2019, young adults from the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) participated in the 5,732nd Worldwide Clean-up Campaign at East Coast Park, Singapore. The coasts of East Coast Park were threatened with gloomy clouds as there were thunderstorms in the nearby regions. Nevertheless, the volunteers gathered and made preparations to clean the coastal park. Thankfully, the skies soon became clear and the participants were even blessed with a cool breeze instead of the usual tropical heat.

East Coast Park and its Beache

‘East Coast Park’ which was named after its geographical location is at the extreme east of Singapore. On a typical weekend, the park teems with many parkgoers who come for cycling, fishing and barbeque parties. It was relatively vacant that particular Sunday likely due to the thunderstorms that were occurring in the neighbouring regions. The youth volunteers who wore bright smiles that were contrary to the cloudy sky were equipped with trash bags and tongs. As they combed the beach for litter that were washed up the shore, they commonly found items of plastic waste such as straws, utensil, bottles and bags.

The young adult volunteers represent ASEZ We Are One (ASEZ WAO), an international volunteer group consisting of young working adults from 7,000 churches of the World Mission Society Church of God in 175 countries. ASEZ WAO aims to practice love for mankind by carrying out volunteer services to resolve many problems the world faces, regarding all humankind as one family. The members of ASEZ WAO also strive to serve others by sharing important values such as positivity, hope and happiness through uplifting activities such as this clean-up campaign.