Bible Seminar—Heaven and Passover

April 19, 2017
Bible Seminar—Heaven and Passover

Following up on the positive response from the previous Bible Seminar, the university students of the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) held another similar event on Mar 26, 2017 under the theme “Heaven and Passover”.

Leong Yu Qi, 24, an organiser of the event, shared her views on the objectives of hosting this event, “Bible seminar appeals to university students as their learning style is very knowledge-based. It helps them to learn about the truth easily.”

After a short introduction video about the church, the seminar started with a short video titled “Your Hometown is Heaven”. Human beings are born and wander about in this earth without knowing the true meaning of life. Where do we come from? Where are we going after we die? Although no eye has ever seen the kingdom of heaven, all people yearn to enter that place—the world of perfection and eternity. Nevertheless, nobody knows the sure way to receive eternal life. The purpose of the bible seminar was to share about the New Covenant Passover—the way to enter the kingdom of God.

After the video, the presenters took over and brought the audience through an introduction about the Passover. Both in the Old and New Testament, it was God who commanded us to keep the Passover. Therefore, as the people of God, we should keep the Passover following God’s will.

In the Old Testament times, in order to release the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, God Jehovah commanded them to keep the Passover and led them to the promised land Canaan. Although many people have heard about this historical scene in the Bible, many were surprised to learn that this was actually a prophecy to be fulfilled in the New Testament times. To give us spiritual liberation from our slavery to death, Jesus Christ commanded us to keep the New Covenant Passover and is leading us to the promised land, the eternal kingdom of heaven. As the New Covenant Passover is the only way to eternal life, Jesus said that He eagerly desired to keep it (Luke 22:15).

Shi Sien, 21, a participant of the seminar, commented “Overall, it was very well explained. I was able to understand every single thing that was said and it was easy for me to follow.”

Pearl Yeo, 26, another participant, commented “I think it was a well-organised event. The message was delivered clearly and on point.”

After the presentation, the presenters quizzed the audience and many were enthusiastic to answer the questions. Those who were interested in learning more stayed back to study the Bible while enjoying delicious refreshments.

God came to this earth to establish the truth of the New Covenant Passover, through which we can receive eternal life. His purpose is to bring us to the kingdom of heaven, the place where death and sorrow no longer bind us, where there is only life and happiness. With the same purpose as Christ, the World Mission Society Church of God is also proclaiming the truth of the New Covenant Passover, so that many people can be led to eternal life.