Bible Seminar – Heavenly Family and Earthly Family

October 17, 2017
Bible Seminar – Heavenly Family and Earthly Family

On Aug 13 2017,  the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) held a Bible seminar under the topic ‘Heavenly Family and Earthly Family’. With the eagerness to share the precious secret of the kingdom heaven, the church members invited their friends, families, and acquaintances to the seminar.

After watching a brief introduction video on the church, the presenters explained about the will of God in creating the physical family system. In order to reveal to us about the Heavenly Family, God created the physical family which serves as a copy and shadow. A shadow can be present only when the reality exists. The family system consisting of father, mother, and children exists because there is a true family in heaven, consisting of Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, and the Heavenly Children.

Though most Christians are familiar with the notion of Heavenly Father and Heavenly children, many are unaware of the existence of Heavenly Mother. A physical mother is an indispensable member of the earthly family which is only a shadow. This proves that Heavenly Mother certainly exists in the Heavenly Family which is the reality.

Next, the presenters went on to explain the criteria for becoming a child of Heavenly Parents. The family relation on this earth is sustained and affirmed by blood ties. Likewise, the spiritual blood tie definitely exists in the Heavenly Family.

Luke 22:20 … This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.

Jesus said that the New Covenant Passover is the absolute way to inherit the God’s flesh and blood. We can become the children of God by celebrating the Passover, having the blood of our Heavenly Parents in us. Nevertheless, many people only understand the Passover merely as a commemorative ritual to remember Jesus’ last supper. Little do they know that embedded in the Passover is God’s loving will to make us the Heavenly children.

God has prepared tremendous blessings for those who becomes the children of God. On this earth, the heir of a king receives the great honor of inheriting the sovereignty over a kingdom. However, the heirs of God will receive far greater blessings. God promised to grant them the inheritance of the kingdom of heaven, the glorious kingdom of God.

Before concluding the seminar, the participants watched a video titled “God the Mother”.  Through the video, they could understand the providence of God through Bible prophecies relating to Adam and Eve and Abraham’s family. The participants watched attentively and registered the fact that we have Heavenly Mother through the testimonies of the Bible.

Guests’ Sentiments

Lin Huibo, 29, an invited guest, commented that the message was “well-delivered and easy to comprehend and accept.”

Eddy Lim, 20, a SGWMSCOG member, commented, “The Bible seminar truly touches my heart. Seeing the earthly family which is merely a copy and shadow, we cannot deny the existence of Heavenly Mother. I feel truly blessed to be part of the Heavenly Family. I truly hope that everyone on this earth can become a child of Heavenly Mother.”

Sharing the teachings of the Bible, the World Mission Society Church of God sincerely wishes that everyone in this global village can become a member of the Heavenly Family by receiving our Heavenly Parents and keeping the Passover.