International University Bible Academy Singapore—5th Bible Seminar

October 9, 2016
International University Bible Academy Singapore—5th Bible Seminar

On Jul 20, 2016, 10 university exchange students from Korea arrived in Singapore during their holidays for a cultural exchange with the university students from the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) for 20 days. The Korean members who arrived in Singapore were burning with enthusiasm for the gospel. During their short visit, the students who took part in the cultural exchange programme worked together in unity to organise the 5th Bible Seminar with the theme, “The Bible is Fact”.

On Aug 07, 2016, over 100 participants from all walks of life attended the Bible seminar hosted by the university students. People who were curious to learn more about the existence of God participated in this seminar. During the seminar, the speakers introduced to the participants scientific evidence and the prophecies that were recorded in the Bible.

The participants who attended the event were impressed to learn about the mysteries that were contained in the Bible.

John Joel Nathaniel Godfrey, 21, a student of Singapore Institute Management commented, “Even though I had been a Christian since young, I had always thought that the Bible was just a storybook which imparts moral values. I had never known that the Bible contained so many prophecies. I will definitely come back to study more.”

After the presentation, the attendees were treated to a special performance prepared by the Korean university members. The Korean members sang a few traditional Korean songs. It was truly an eye-opening experience for the attendees. Many of them enjoyed themselves as clearly seen by the smiles on their faces. At the end of the performance, the audience gave a warm round of applause for the speakers and the performers.

Many other participants expressed their interest to study the Bible and some of them stayed behind to examined the prophecies of the Bible.

The attendees clearly enjoyed themselves as seen by the bright smiles of their faces.