A Cleanup at Beauty World 2019

March 3, 2019
"Mother's Street" Cleanup by ASEZ - "A Cleanup at Beauty World 2019

On 13 January 2019, the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) held a clean-up campaign in the vicinity of Beauty World. Armed with yellow vests and plastic gloves, they embarked on a hunt for litter in hidden areas. These include the areas nearby drains, alleyways, among bushes and so on. This was a combined effort from Singaporean youth members as well as university students from Korea, who visited Singapore for an exchange programme. These students collaborated under the volunteer group ASEZ (Save the earth from A to Z) which consisted of university and college students around the world.

Beauty World is located along Upper Bukit Timah road, west of Singapore. Significant establishments surrounding Beauty World MRT station area include Beauty World Plaza, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Beauty World Centre. The clean-up covered areas surrounding private properties, shopping malls as well as apartment buildings. Singapore as a nation takes pride for its cleanliness. However, this was not done without effort. Much manpower and resources have been deployed to preserve this reputation of cleanliness. The cleanup campaign was a rare sight in Beauty World, hence inviting the gaze of many onlookers. With little but sincere efforts, these vibrant youths endeavour to make a change in the environment. After all, a big change begins with a small step.

Student volunteers from ASEZ working together with SGWMSCOG members lining up to dispose the trash in a common bin with bright smiles

“I feel that this clean-up is a great way to welcome the new year. By volunteering my time, I can play a part in keeping Singapore clean and spreading awareness as well! ” commented Wei Ming, a volunteer from this clean-up.

The participants found meaning as they played a role in environmental protection, anticipating the next clean-up. Surely, SGWMSCOG will continue to play the role of salt and light of the world with similar efforts.