Tai Seng Cleanup Campaign 2017

July 3, 2017
Tai Seng Cleanup Campaign 2017

On May 21, 2017, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) gathered together to conduct a Tai Seng cleanup campaign.

Tai Seng is classified as an industrial area where many factories and offices are located. In such a fast-paced society, people are often caught up in the stress of their everyday lives. They seldom have a chance to care for the environment. The SGWMSCOG recognises the importance of keeping the city clean and hopes to advocate for an active volunteerism spirit.

Early in the morning, volunteers donned in green vests gathered together to participate in the Tai Seng cleanup campaign. Filled with excitement, everyone was ready to do their part for the community. After a short briefing, the volunteers were divided into groups according to their age. From there, they set off to their designated areas to clean.

Despite the scorching heat followed by a short drizzle, the smiles never left the volunteers’ faces. In accordance with Christ’s teaching to be the salt and light of the world, the volunteers were eager to shine the glory of God through their good deeds

Tai Seng Cleanup Yields Great Results

Singapore prides itself as the “Garden City”. This is only possible through every individual’s hidden efforts to keep the city clean. As the volunteers started to pick up the trash, they realised the importance of each person’s role in contributing to the society.

Though Singapore is known to be a clean city, volunteers found a lot of neglected trash scattered on the streets. Cigarette butts, empty bottles, scrap metals and all sorts of trash were collected in the vicinity of Tai Seng. Through this cleanup, a total of 77 bags of trash were gathered.

“The event gave us a chance to shine the glory of Heavenly Father and Mother. It also served as a good opportunity to spend meaningful time together. During the cleanup, we met people from the neighborhood whom we usually don’t get to meet. It’s a nice feeling,” said Rachel Goh, 25, a volunteer.

With a mind to shine the glory of God and to give back to society, the SGWMSCOG plans to conduct more of such activities in the future, hoping that more people will join in their efforts to keep the city clean.