From Us With Love

January 8, 2017
From Us With Love

‘From Us with Love’, a heart warming event aiming to strengthen the ties among family and friends, was organised and held by the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) on Dec 25, 2016.

Members of the SGWMSCOG invited their friends, family and acquaintances to the event which consisted of fun and inspiring handicraft activities such as card-making, popsicle sticks craft and origami. All the participants shared a joyful and memorable time together.

Among the activities, the card-making station attracted most number of participants. The members in charge of the station taught the participants techniques to achieve stunning artistic effects with the help of tools such as water colours and stencils.

By writing phases as simple as “Thank you”, “Long time no see” and “I love you”, the participants expressed their appreciation and love to their loved ones, as well as people whom they had not gotten the chance to talk to for a long time.

Chong Yilin, 25, one of the organisers of the event, commented, “Since many of us are busy with our individual lives, there must be many people whom we used to spend much time together but started to drift apart as time passed. Also, sometimes we may be shy to express our thanks to our loved ones such as our parents due to the Asian culture. So the purpose of this event is to encourage people to send short but sweet greetings to their old friends and express their heartfelt appreciation to their loved ones.”

Besides card-making, participants also got to try popsicle stick craft, in which they made decorative objects such as photo frames and miniature furniture using popsicle sticks. The participants had an enjoyable time, while reminiscing their childhood through their engagement in the handicraft.

As the event fell on Dec 25, a day widely misunderstood as a celebration of Jesus’ birth, members from the SGWMSCOG also took the opportunity to explain the origin of Christmas to the participants.

The participants expressed their gratitude for this event. “I will definitely recommend it to others. If anyone from the SGWMSCOG invites you to an event like this, do not hesitate to come,” commented Ng Kai Ling, 23, a student who attended the event.