The Trinity

November 30, 2016

What does the word “Trinity” mean? Trinity can be separated into two words, Tri-nity, which means three in unity. Some Christians misunderstand the meaning of Trinity. Some think Trinity means three Gods are in one body, some reckon Trinity means three different Gods. Let us think about it, how many God(s) will you see in heaven? Would you be seeing three Gods? Or two Gods and the Holy Spirit would be hovering around? In order to understand the Trinity, let us understand the concept through the transformation of H2O.

When H2O is at room temperature, it exists in the liquid state—water. When it is boiled, it changes to the gaseous state—vapour. When we freeze it, it becomes solid—ice. Water, water vapour, and ice… Although they exist in different states at different temperatures with different appearances and different names, they are still essentially the same compound—H2O.

In the same way, God divided 6,000 years of His redemption work into three ages—the Age of the Father, Age of the Son, and Age of the Holy Spirit—and carried out His redemption work under the role of God the Father, Jehovah; God the Son, Jesus; and God the Holy Spirit. Although They have different titles who appear in different ages, with different appearances, They are not three different entities but one and the same. In other words, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are one and the same God—They are the same God the Creator; God of the male image whom we call “Heavenly Father”.

Let us begin to examine the truth of the Trinity though the Bible.