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Earlier this year, the university students of the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) held a Bible Seminar under the theme, “The Prophecy of Daniel & the History of Europe”. Due to the great response, they have organised another Bible Seminar under the same theme on Jun 25, 2017. Leong Yu Qi, 24, organiser of the event, commented “Many participants signed up for the last Bible seminar and we could not accommodate all of them. Therefore, we decided to hold another one to cater to those who were unable to come the previous time”

Bible Seminar—The Prophecy of Daniel & the History of Europe

To give the audience an overview of the church, they were first greeted with a short introduction video. Thereafter, the audience were taken through the presentation, explaining the relationship between the prophecy in the book of Daniel and the history of Europe. Daniel was a prophet who lived about 620 B.C. to 538 B.C. The topics covered in the seminar revolved around the time when Daniel was taken captive to the kingdom of Babylon. God prophesied about the rise and fall of the European kingdoms through Daniel’s dream. When we study the history of Europe, we can see that all these prophecies have been fulfilled accordingly. To grant us salvation, Jesus Christ came to this earth and established the truth of the New Covenant. However, through time, God’s laws such as the Sabbath Day and Passover, were changed to Sunday Service and Christmas. The main takeaway for the audience was to decide whose side we should stand on—God’s law or man’s teachings?

Kon Li Hua, 23, participant, commented “I used to go to church when I was young, so I know a little about the Bible. Personally, I am interested in history and was quite surprised to learn the truth. I am definitely open to the idea of coming to such future events.”    Joseph Li, 21, a participant who invited a guest, shared with us his experience. “I came to the Church of God a few times before I was baptised during the ‘From Us with Love’ event. Although I was a Christian, I was surprised at the things my friend shared with me about the bible. Today, I brought my other friend to attend this bible seminar. Bible seminar is a good opportunity for us to invite our friends and family members.”    The SGWMSCOG is pleased that people are willing to listen to the truth of life. By holding such events, they hope to reach out to more people to receive the truth in the Bible.